On book abandonment

On book abandonment

Now I wholeheartedly believe in finishing what you started, but sometimes there have to be exceptions. I mean if you get the sun lounger and a cold drink out and the thought of reading more of the book turns you cold – I think you should stop. If you are not enjoying it put it back on the shelf, or give it to someone who will enjoy it. Books are there for your enjoyment, they shouldn’t be a chore.

However saying that and going back to my original point, if you have only a couple of chapters left, get rid of that apathy and man-up. The satisfaction of completing a book that was challenging will be greater than if you cave. In the end I guess it all comes down to you.


7 thoughts on “On book abandonment

  1. Jay McInerney wrote an editorial piece in the NYT book review years ago about not finishing books and not reading some of the great classics of canon– the essential thrust of the piece (unarchived, but I swear it was him) was that life was too short to read books you found boring or worse yet, wanted to throw at the wall. Reading them just because someone else thought they were good was the best way to drive yourself mad, in his humble opinion.

    I’m not a huge fan of his fiction, but I happen to agree with that piece– there are too many other good books out there that appeal to slog through something you really just can’t like. (And of course, that doesn’t mean you will want to throw it against the wall 10 years later, when you’re in a different place.)

    • Hi thank you but not at all!! I have just been on holiday for a couple of weeks and have been without internet access. But this does mean that I have managed to crack down on some of my summer reading 🙂

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