Amy’s life so far

“Fox Kye walked down The Strand.”

If you asked me when I was three years old I would have been able to tell you who Fox Kye was. What he looked like, if he was a fox, why he liked walking up and down the strand? Unfortunately I no longer remember, I only know of him from the stories that my mum and granddad have told me that I used to tell them. I always wrote as a child, constantly scribbling away. Whether it was a book review of The Spiderwick Chronicles or just a letter to my granddad asking if I could have strawberry flavoured milk for supper, I wrote it down.

At school I was a member of a creative writing club where I wrote many poems and short stories. Some of which we even entered into competitions. (I know, I was one of those extremely ‘cool’ kids!) However when work got a bit more serious for four to five years I didn’t really have enough spare time to write. But since moving to University I have found that I have much more time to begin writing again, but also much more experience to incorporate into my writing.

So here I am. An English and History undergraduate, and current Contemporary History postgraduate writing my blog and about writing. Reading other peoples blogs about readings about things that have been written, and occasionally, writing blogs about things that I have watched. Or just letting some steam off and having a rant about issues that bug me, because everyone has them, and everyone likes to watch other people get fired up.

And here is Harry. The greatest dog ever.

And here is Harry. The greatest dog ever.


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